A Word From Our CEO On COVID-19

Here at Strut Health, we have been keeping a close eye on the rapid spread and far reach of the COVID-19 virus. For this reason, and the potential uncertainty of the outcome of this virus, we have immediately instituted safeguards and protocols to help ensure our continued excellence in formulating and delivering your medications and products quickly, safely, and efficiently.


Being in the healthcare space, we currently remain in full operation to fulfill your continued healthcare needs. The pharmacies that we work with and our staff members are under strict protocols to ensure the health and safety of all personnel working with and for Strut Health, including a robust health screening protocol, continued above industry-standard strict cleaning regimens, and remote work environments for our team members when at all possible. 


We know that counting on the continued and efficient delivery of your health care items is a necessity at this time for your peace of mind and continuing therapy of various ailments. Our telemedicine consultation and shipping structure is ideal for the current environment to ensure that you can receive your medications safely and discreetly without having to leave your home. We have reinforced our already strong shipping team and are working with our freight companies to help to ensure continued quick and seamless deliveries and limit disruptions to the best of our abilities.


We wish for all of our Strut Health patients, team members, and physicians to keep themselves safe and healthy during these unprecedented times. At Strut Health we are committed to continued excellence in healthcare delivery and have a strong plan in place which will continue evolving with the current developing situation.


Thank you and keep strutting,

Simal Patel MD


In the great words of Leonardo da Vinci, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” At Strut, we really believe that. So, we made our process as simple as humanly possible.

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